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officially opened on 11 July

What We Do

The Winter Gardens Trust was set up to raise awareness of the significance of the spectacular grade II* listed Blackpool Winter Gardens and to support its repair and restoration. We do this through a range of different activities which are supported by our fundraising, but it’s not all about money.

We want more people to use the building, both as a public space and as a place for special events so we work closely with the operators and the Council to ensure that the public have the best possible access. We’re also working to ensure that information on the history and development of the building is available on site, so visitors can better understand what’s important about the building and its past.

One of the most important parts of our work is in raising funds for repairs and improvements. Not all the work that needs to be done in the complex attracts funding and we aim to fill some of those gaps by paying for smaller projects or contributing match funding so that bigger funding pots can be accessed. We also supported the conservation of the Winter Gardens Collection within what was the Tower Company Archive, the cost of digitising larger items and helped with the cost of improved storage equipment.

More important than anything else though is our work to ensure the public have a voice in major changes to the Winter Gardens. We work with Blackpool Council and the Operator to ensure changes are sensitive to the history of the building and that developments don’t undermine the significance of the many spaces and spectacular interiors that make up the complex.

The benefits of Winter Gardens Trust Membership

The Winter Gardens Trust Board of Directors and Officials

The Trust Board is made up of two Council nominees (representing the interests of the owner and providing political support for the objectives of the Trust) and four Trustees (appointed for specific experience and expert knowledge) and a representative of Blackpool Entertainment Centre Ltd (the Operator). The make-up of the Trust Board is intended to allow the Council a voice in the work of the Trust without allowing it to set or control the agenda.


Cllr David Owen – Chair
Mrs Elaine Smith MBE
Mrs Betty Bradford
Mr Michael Williams (BECL representing the venue)
Cllr Mark Smith
Mr Ted Lightbown
Mr Cameron Lloyd
Mrs Patricia Hayes

Non-trustee officers:

Carl Carrington – Secretary
David Gore – Communications & Memberships

We would like to thank our partners for their support